Preferred Sick

Just finished a couple of hours of life drawing. Probably an hour and a half to be fair. It felt good to just practice, not have to worry about ‘what’ to draw but just draw what I see and furiously fast.

How is it that I’m able to work on drawing for so long at home? One answer. The wife has come down with a cold. Yes folks, an actual cold.

As usual, I’ll take care of things and of her. If she needs anything, I will make it, go out to get it, or bring it to her. I’ll also get a ‘thank you’ that means something too.

She napped on the floor on a pad type thing with pillows and blankets and the pups were all too happy to join her. I went to the table and with headphones in, did my life drawing.

With all the crime shows she watches usually, I keep thinking of the woman who poisons her husband or ‘keeps him sick’ and usually it ends up killing them and there is a investigation and so on….that’s why it’s a crime show right?

So naturally the question raised in my mind is I wonder if sometimes it’s due to the person being an overbearing cantankerous pr**k of a person or in this case a ranting raving angry soul sucking energy sucking you know what….

I know when the wife is actually sick. How do I know? She’s not doing the above actions and pulling all of my energy into her vitriol constantly until bedtime from the moment we arrive home from each of our workplaces. She’s quiet, she’s calm, she’s subdued. She’s watching normal shows on TV and she’s like I say above, even showing appreciation (which is what a man really wants more than anything…to be appreciated and not taken for granted).

So I think the conclusion is that I almost prefer her to be sick. I can help out (as I usually do BTW), do things I want to do such as draw, such as grab a coffee and so on and there is no issue. There is no ranting, no bitching about the immigrant people at her work, or the many new mom’s that she beaks about day in day out. It’s simply just a decent time.

How crazy is life right?


Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster…

So today, the wife stays home sick. Okay…last night was an evening where it was no sickness though she said she felt a bit ill so okay sure.  The 7 beer I’m sure didn’t help though and was abruptly stopped in her complaining and angry ranting about other people when I just stopped responding and instead played with our two pups. She huffed upstairs to bed slamming things around and finally passing out in bed. Once I arrived upstairs I had a nice long shower and watched some shows on my phone in bed and blissfully drifted off to sleep.

Yesterday a friend and I did something wonderful. Since we work close by, my work was getting rid of an old microwave. I was tasked to take it out and dispose of it in the dumpster down the block. I saw an opportunity and let my buddy know, I’m expecting him to be down there to ‘help me’ dispose of it. Since he’s close by, it worked out wonderfully.

I got out there and as he exited his building, he heard shouts from me to come on over!!!

He ran over and i proceeded to take out a paper with a name on it and in brackets (asshole). I placed it on top of the microwave (after ripping the door off and chucking it in the dumpster for safety…in case it was glass). He proceeded to stomp on it and yell. I joined in. We office spaced that microwave until we were both tired out and laughing. He did the honors of the final chuck into the dumpster and we both went on our way after a high five. I took the piece of paper with the name on it to dispose of at home.

What a good time. 🙂

Jazz and Chickens

I sit here at the kitchen island with a coffee, cheerios and some eggs slowly eating breakfast. I have jazz playing on the google home. It’s a nice way to get my brain working.

I fed the chickens…I mean our two pups….they have their bowls of food but whenever I have (relatively) sugar free cereal, I grab a handful and scatter it on the ground and they gobble it up like chickens. It entertains me.

I didn’t sleep too well. I woke up at 3am to a ‘the dogs need out’ from the wife. I could just picture it…if we were to have kids, ‘the kid needs feeding’ and be right rip shit pissed that I can’t just do it. That got me irritated especially as she followed me downstairs to eat food.

*deep breath*

Ok so anyway, between being irritated with that, thinking of work, thinking of the upcoming travelling and the war that will be brought on by wife demands of me not attending the work party, I couldn’t get back to sleep. Well only slightly at around 5:15am only to be woken up by the alarm at 5:45.

I will be done the pencils part of my drawing at lunch today and will be happy to move onto the next stage of it. That, coffee and good friends keep me sane I swear. I guess the pups don’t hurt either.

Last night I finally brought my project photos home. This is the big one I’ve been working on for a long time and it was completed, work actually saying it turned out wonderfully and so on (doesn’t mean I’ll get a thing buttttt). She said she had wanted to see the photos. Last night I told her come see them on the computer (up on the island in the kitchen).  Her response? No, I don’t want to get up off the floor in front of the fireplace (10 feet away). Can’t you just email them to me? Nope, sorry, if you don’t want to get up to see it, it shows exactly where your priorities are. Stay on the floor like a lazy sack, and I will not be sending these to you so you can go to your coworkers ‘oh my husband is so competent (compared to yours)!’ and then come home saying that I need to get her water from the sink as I’m so much better at it then them.

Funny from work stuff to personal drawing stuff, where a friend is happy to take a look at things, (or an ex coworker) the one that’s ‘supposed’ to care if their significant other is happy with something could give two shits. Good. You’ll wonder why I care less and less for you hun as the time goes on.

*sips coffee*

Hump-day Rambles

I feel the need to blog. I’m not sure why but be prepared for rambling…

Drawing. My ‘train’ piece is coming along good. I am literally 1 hand away from scanning the pieces in, assembling (background and characters) into one document, feeding the cardstock through the printer and with the lines adjusted to a light blue, I can then start inking the piece and not fear ‘wrecking’ the original items. I looked back on where I ‘think’ I started this piece and seems like it’s about a month ago. It seems WAY longer though so was pleasantly surprised when I looked it up. I’m not able to work on it every single lunchtime and Friday so it really seems like a short time. I kind of want to start posting small update videos, perhaps once a week (Fridays anyone?) with progress on the drawing front. Could be a fun little addition to my Fridays near the end of the afternoons where I seem to peter out of steam before heading home.

I’m feeling the pressure that the Christmas season brings an adult. What to buy, when can I buy it and is it something people will like/use etc? This Friday I’ll do a bit more shopping on that and hopefully strike a few folks off my list finally. I’m looking forward to the 6 hour (each way) drive to visit my parents alone later this month. It’ll be so nice to have the break if even only a couple days. I’ll be able to drive and have coffee’s and listen to shows I enjoy, meet for a lunch the one day with a friend and see my family including my new niece. I’m excited to see her. I think the more that my wife blathers on about how everyone is horrible in the world except her, the more I get excited to meet this little one AND to see all my family members, my brother who’s the proud papa and the mama as well. In talking with dad the other night, he understood why I’m okay with the long drive alone. After-all he’s had to deal with his own for quite a while now with mom 😝.

New Year
It’s getting close to that time once again where every year, I like to write up a summary of the past year. See the good the bad and the ugly that’s went on. Also once that’s completed, I will write up another ‘upcoming year’ blog to see what I want to see and what progress I want to make in life in the year to come.

Work stuff….not my work stuff but a friends work stuff. A friend of mine got told that they needed to understand that since they work in a smaller office, that they have to put in extra FREE hours after hours no matter if they have a family or not. That the two new guys at his workplace are showing ‘promise’ and the sacrifice needed to be ‘acceptable’ in the small office. I audibly laughed. Are they kidding? The two newer guys just haven’t found their balls yet and their bosses LOVE lording their power over people. Anyone that objects to being worked for free gets this ‘shock’ at the ‘nerve’ of anyone to not want to see the place be successful (and never receive a review or a raise or…). Oh and my friend? They’ve been at the place 6 and a half years now.

Random Rambling

Last night I had a great talk with my dad on the phone as it was his birthday.

I always enjoy talking to my parents and my family as much as I can especially later in these years.

We talked about a whole bunch of topics from health and family members and soon-to-be relatives.

It was nice to talk positively about my brothers and their situations.
Dad told me that him and Mom are planning to have Christmas next year on Christmas Day once again since they have a new little grandbaby and then it would be good for her and I completely one hundred percent agreed. He’s looking forward and I’m sure Mom is too, to being able to celebrate Through The Eyes of a grandbaby a little kid since all of us are of adults age now. I think that’s wonderful.

It’s nice to know that my brother has been bringing his daughter over to visit them as well as him and his girlfriend are making ends meet.

They are super happy about this and I’m happy that they’re happy about it too.

We all know where this is going now that there was a little bit of happiness in my blog right?

The harpie here started commenting about how it must suck to be them (brother and his family) and how they should have made better decisions and how funny that my parents are being supportive of him since we have nobody to support us out here blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. This was in her sarcastic I am smarter than you tone of voice. 

Haha too bad you sound like a huge b****.

She’s going to get to the end of her life and wonder what happened and why she was never happy. Oh well as Nelson from The Simpsons would do hAW Haw.

Yesterday at work was insane as well, with an unrealistic deadlines set for this week on things that are nearly completed by others. They were sending us emails telling us that we would have to stay late to get all of this done you know sacrifice for the team you know. In this field, they manage to squeeze out any overtime opportunities and just basically strong arm bully you into working time for free.  Yes technically it’s against labor code and it’s breaking the law, but every single place ends up doing that in the guise that no matter what, they can find other people to hire that will stay for awhile, get sick of it and move on and they never have to worry about learning to manage better or run a better business.

I ran out of work like Roadrunner yesterday. At 5 o’clock, I was already in my car.

Over the years at various places, I think of how many times I have done this where unlike Peter Gibbons in office space where he gets caught at the end of the day by the boss just before he’s leaving in order to get more work given to them, I have escaped many times with my free time.

I’ve used methods using the washroom at work to hide in until the coast was clear.  I’ve used methods such as ducking out the back door going around the building the long way, going out of building into an alley and going down a couple blocks and circling around so nobody would see… Basically anything so that I wouldn’t have to work free overtime. It’s kind of funny now and I think about it.

The washroom was used when I had a woman boss back in the old days.  

Speaking of washrooms, during my onslaught of work yesterday I had a thought of how we can provide  washrooms for people that don’t identify with any particular genders without giving them separate ones.

Instead of the washroom being deemed male or female, they really should just be deemed pee or poop because no matter what gender you are no matter what your lifestyle is no matter how you feel inside two things are common. You have to pee and you have to poop. Now those are some washroom Insignia signs that I want to design.

Time for coffee before work. 🙂

Another Monday…

Well I’ll say this. The weekend wasn’t ‘that’ bad though that’s all in perspective and begs the question of “compared to what”.

Friday I had to stay later to do some extra work, so didn’t get much drawing time in save but for the half an hour or so I did after eating my lunch within my ‘typical lunch hour’. So at least did that much. After I left work, I proceeded to go shopping for some Christmas gifts. Thankfully I found a few things so that makes it a little bit closer to having most of the gifts.

Home stuff was more ‘meh’ than anything else. Saturday was spent listening to the wife yammer about people with kids (man it’s the subject to rail on lately) and society and coworkers and so on.  That evening we ‘got’ to go to her ‘office party’ which of course we know that mine is a no go always with her but hers? With people she hates? And tells ME to just quit my job rather than go to the party?….she can’t do anything but go? I’m SHOCKED… okay no I’m not. Living with someone like this means you’re at hypocrite central so it’s par for the course.

At the party of course she made fakey fake or nicey nice with everyone, talking to one person she hates and I hear about for 4 hours every night. That was lovely. After we left she started right back where she left off about how that person is a piece of you know what and so on. Ah lovely.

Sunday was more railing on people and things. We did put up the tree and decorations though I was not in a mood too (wonder why) and just found myself not giving two shits about Christmas or this mood or that mood…how can I right? When all happiness is sucked out of me on a daily basis by Mrs. Negative Judgey-pants.

This morning I worked on my art piece on my tablet a little bit. It’s the one from a sketch, with the woman in a bikini. I think I’m basically going to just finish it off quickly and be done with it. It was just a rough sketch so to ‘think’ it’ll be some kind of masterpiece is absurd. Keep it like the sketch (40 hours worth ugh) and move on. The train piece at work is much more a ‘piece’ to work on. It has moments, stories, a setting and scenery and not just boobs flapping in the breeze. A MUCH better thing to focus on is the train piece. So that’s what I’ll do.

Not sure how this week will go as far as work is concerned. Have a big deadline end of week which hasn’t been made really clear as of yet as to what is required but yeah. One step at a time right?

I’ll fit in more Christmas shopping this week too, I’ll draw one lunch then mall it the next just to try to get things done.

Now I will get working and await the non-stop constant texts from the wife complaining about each one of her coworkers and how she hates them so much. Oh and don’t forget the CAPS LOCK AND THE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I Was Making This Up

So tonight, it has been nothing but the topic of people having children.

As the night went on, the ranting intensified. She’s not even that drunk. 

There was a point in the conversation where she mentioned a co-worker and how a daughter of his recently born probably within the last 3 years has had quite a few health problems.

As she laughed about a child with health problems and issues and needing surgery after surgery, I told her that it’s horrible and I feel for them as it must be a difficult and painful thing…for EVERYONE involved. SHE shrugged it off and said who cares. That should teach him to have children.

Now she’s angry with me for daring to say that my opinion differs from hers.

Good. Worth it.