It’s Working Again….

Thank crap…..


Extreme frustration…

So I made a HUUGE mistake..

The software that I draw with had updates. So I thought I’d update. All went smooth until I had to try working in it again. No pinch no zoom no pinch and rotate, barely any touch features are working. So I rolled back the upgrade. Same problem now. Not only that but now buttons that would work before don’t seem to work now.

I’m going to put my damn fingers through the screen if this isn’t working soon lol….

Lesson here? Never upgrade. Let’s hope that I have time tonight or this weekend to figure this crap out as now it will throw all my drawing into disarray on the tablet if the software I JUST GOT USED TO lol…doesn’t work correctly.

Sweary Tired Blog heh

I am so unbelievably tired out right now and it’s only 6:36 in the morning. Our pup is still not able to keep food down and thus was up most of the night and of course so was I while she slept and slept and slept.

The only time that she woke up was one of the times when I was cleaning doggy barf out of his kennel for the third time and she felt like getting up to have a snack for herself.

I’m not even sure if I got 2 hours of sleep last night… I’m not mad at the dog because he can’t help it I’m mad at the b**** because she won’t help. I’m mad at the person that wants wants wants but when it comes to doing anything does not.

Anyway, this morning in my tire it out state at 6:21 in the morning she tells me that he probably ate some of the critters shavings that are littering the ground. So she’s blaming that sick dog for possibly something that she could have cleaned up and monitored but of course will not because she is just too angry. After she left, I, in a miraculous feet of ingenuity, took the dustbuster that we have plugged in beside the Critter cages and somehow cleaned up any of the shavings that are on the ground so that somebody that is really really hungry won’t be able to eat them. I know it must be a f****** miracle to be able to vacuum something up instead of just letting it happen and letting somebody else deal with it.

I will be booking a vet appointment for tonight so that both of us can go with him. I’m very sick of being the single doggie Daddy when doggy Mommy makes zero effort to do anything besides complain and complain and complain.

I made myself a nice breakfast of two eggs and two pieces of toast which I will then compliment when I leave soon with a ginormous, humongous, Kaiju sized coffee on the way into work.

At 6:22 in the morning, she started complaining about the morons that she works with and what they will say today that will make her so angry at their stupidity that they will ruin her day and energy and so on. Me and my tired state responded with I really don’t care.

She done left and did her usual slam the door like a three year old and left the house in peace.

Now where the f*** is my coffee…

A Special Place…

You know sometimes when you come across someone where you can’t help but think…there must be a special place in hell for this person…when they act how they act?

Tonight was one of those nights. And of course I talk about no one else…you know who.

One of her coworkers found out that her 3 (or 4?) year old is essentially blind in one eye. Effects from birth I guess. Poor kid. That’s what I thought. Glad he has the sight of his other eye but still. It’s not going to be easy for that kid. I’ve met the kid and he’s a sweet kid and his parents seem to care about him so that’s a good thing.

The comments from the one not mentioned above? “Oh well! Good. Serves them right. I’m glad. Too bad your kid won’t grow up to be a big hockey star like I’m sure you wanted…”. and other such comments where it showed that she has absolutely NO compassion for another human being.

All I can say is this. I hope she ends up in hell. I hope she ends up with none other than the other perfect people in the world….namely her grandfather.

What a piece of…

Monday Morning

Ah another week.

She took a slightly different tactic this morning when telling me that she never slept last night. She said it extremely with anger. My reaction instead of my usual “I saw you, you slept, I saw you” was met with a shoulder shrug. Sure hun. Whatever you want to think.

She’s irritated that her manager isnt’ there this week. She’s irritated when she IS THERE as well. She’s irritated that there are too many people crammed in her workspace, but now that one person quit she’s irritated that they are short staffed once again.

She’s like manmade global warming. Caused both polar bear overpopulation AND poplar bear extinction…never satisfied hey?


…………………Back from pouring my coffee

So the weekend went pretty okay for me. I did a lot of little drawing exercises which was nice. I got to use my dip pen and nibs for inking on the small cards I worked on. I fixed the truck and now it seems it’s quieter than ever which I love. I can’t STAND a loud vehicle. Just annoying. I had some good chat time with a friend, with my brothers and then last night on the phone with my dad. It seems he’s had a bad time recently in the past few days but by the end of our conversation it sounded like it helped him a bit (thankful that I can help by talking to him) so that was good too.

I’m not sure what this week will hold. I can say this though. I’m not annoyed by having to go to work. It’s somewhere I can feel somewhat productive and though has it’s fair share of aholes to deal with, it’s somewhere I can draw a bit at lunch, listen to shows and music I want and just have copious amounts of coffee (no matter how horrible the office coffee is, it’s still free).

I will work on my train drawing, hopefully progress more on that to completion and then from there who knows right?

Guess I should eat breakfast before heading into work now.

What I Did….

  1. Had copious amounts of coffee while watching Japanese programming on my NHK app
  2. Did dishes
  3. Auto repair on truck
  4. Picked up pizza
  5. Took dog for a nice long walk
  6. Sketch card of Alf
  7. Chatted with a friend, and both brothers
  8. Went and bought groceries and a latte for me
  9. Watched YouTube videos
  10. Half way through my next sketch card

What did she do?

Laid on her butt drinking beer and ranted about everyone on the planet being garbage compared to her.

Lightning….Come On!!!!!

Sigh…I have had a great day though the last few hours have literally been listening to someone yammer on and yammer on while drinking beer about my brothers, about my family, about weddings, about retirement savings, about people’s parents, about dogs and about the same thing over and over and over and over again…

Please dear lightening….strike (her)….

That is all…