Year of the Pencil

As I stood in the kitchen at work here dumping my dirty coffee cups and tossing them into the dishwasher, I thought about when I was back in college taking the program that would lead me through the various jobs into the current one. I thought of what people would say when I’d be doing my schoolwork and half the time fooling around, or drawing, or sketching, or anything…but basically off the current subject though still WORKING on the current subject…in la la land.

We had a design class in which we had to do layouts on a certain size of cardstock and they were called “pinky plates”. For the first few (we did one per week), I’d take the wording that was assigned to us and do like everyone else did, delve through the magazines in the studio and cut out things that would convey the wording and then using rubber cement (contact cement’s younger less ‘make you high’ brother) paste them on the cardstock in something that was supposed to be a balanced design and turn it in and be graded on the layout / design that you came up with.

After a few cracks at it, I thought I’d attempt something odd. I decided to not do the usual cut out procedure with rubber cement. I should mention in addition to the pasting of pictures and words, we’d write the ‘script’ given to us on the cardstock as well as part of our design. Anyway, back to the story…

So what I did next was instead of pasting items to the cardstock, I drew. I DREW my ‘pinky plate’. I recall it was a few people characters, out of my head in a composition that apparently the teacher liked as I received an A+ grade on it (as I did from then on when doing the drawn pinky plates). Prior to the drawn ones my grades were around a C, B- tops for those items.

Moral of the story? I wanted to draw. I want to draw now. I will find a way to draw.

May this year be the year of the pencil…

This post went off topic but I like where it went.  Originally the post was to talk about how people throughout the time in school and afterward have told me I should be in some other field, not due to being bad at what I did but that I could do something else, something they may have seen in me.  Still, I like where the post took me. 


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