Like a Mini Wheat Commercial of the 80’s

Something interesting has come up at home. Now this isn’t something secretive or anything ‘bad’ per say but I will see an opportunity out of something where in the past I may have questioned and rebelled against.

We have a pup at home, he’s one of my best friends. As he ages, we’ve been talking about her starting an hour earlier than normal so that he has to spend less time locked up and less time if there are accidents.

A “me” of a year ago would have rebelled against it simply due to the fact that I’ll have to get up earlier an hour with her, wont’ be able to just go back to sleep for that hour and then at night it’ll be pressure for me to go to bed earlier than what I already face as far as pressure to go to bed early.

The “me” of today thinks “hey me, I can wake up earlier, and perhaps use that time to DRAW or anything else I feel like for that hour without interruption, and then come home an hour after she does where she tells me that she could have supper ready for me when I get home. Good in theory but as anti-matter is hard to find in our universe (yet), Iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee will not be holding my breath. Good intentions people….good intentions…

I plan to keep what I will do to myself as well as ‘life’ has a way of stepping in and going ‘oh you want to do something for YOU? Well let me just come up with a dozen things that I (life that is) want you to do instead.




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