Waiting for Deadline January to End…

I really need to get myself back into a habit of drawing. I keep trying to tell myself that this is only this month and the deadline craziness will be over and I will be able to resume my normal ‘lunchtime’ and other drawing times as before.

Interesting as I’m surfing Deviantart and looking at some fantastic artists. Deviantart is broken or can be broken up into directories as you make them so some would be fan art, some painting, some scraps and sketches and so on. My favorite one to look at is ‘original art’ from an artist that is seemingly fantastic. They can draw a Supergirl or another character so beautifully and smooth. It becomes interesting when their art though that’s in the ‘original’ folder looks like garbage in comparison. I suppose the term garbage is harsh and I’m sure I have my own garbage but come on…SUCH a huge difference is crazy.

I don’t want to be one of those people, I want to have original characters, drawings, concepts and so on that can look ‘as good’ or better than my ‘fan art’.

Come on February. I need you to get here.


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