A Mini Blog – Fried Rice and Enjoyment

Supper was GREAT! I ended up making some pork fried rice with a packet of spices from the Asian market. I cooked little squares of pork and set them aside, then cooked chopped up veggies, onions, carrots , broccoli stocks and peppers and had the white rice cooking at the same time.  I started 2 eggs by mixing them and then pouring them into the pan.  After that I added the rice and the veggies and meat and stirred in everything including the sauce packet and voila it was DELICIOUS. Into the fridge a few containers of it go.

With all the clinking and clanking there was not one stir from the sleeping one on the sofa.

Thankfully I’m enjoying my Saturday. I’m sipping a matcha green tea latte I made for myself with some packets and steamed milk.

Now to read my Star Trek Boldly Go comic. 🙂


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