Another LAZY Saturday

Right now, I’m upstairs in the ‘art’ room (computer room) as there is garbage TV on and 2 bodies laying on the sofa sleeping, one a canine and another…

I’m bored out of my tree. I did end up editing my” Day in My Life” video and it’s finally complete. It’s nothing special but was still interesting to do.  Something out of my comfort level. I still have to make more Japan videos too…

I’m going to read the few comics I haven’t read yet and see what happens next.  Will they wake up and make food or will I end up making some.  Probably the later and am thinking of making a large batch of Curry too for the week, not a bad thing as I LOOOOVE me some Japanese curry and you know..want to have some leftovers this week.

I did manage to get my haircut and it feels a TON better.  Now it’ll take time in the mornings during the week to get ready (to be late to work) so that’s a helpful thing.

It looks like tomorrow will be when we go pick up the smoker from the sports shop as today is another day ‘written off’ to the ‘lets sleep all day’ bug (yeah I’ll call it that from now on).

Time to read comics and watch some YouTube!


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