It’s Too Easy to Do Nothing

20170114_1226182Saturday is here. I’m sipping a coffee after sleeping in until 11AM….yeah it was nice though had odd dreams but that’s normal when I sleep in for some reason…

My plans today are going soon as I finish my coffee out to get a haircut. It’s been too long and it’s driving me nuts…so that’ll be nice.

Last night I did something I want o kick my butt for doing. I basically sat in the chair watching garbage TV with the wife while she went to sleep in front of the TV and I just kept watching….why? Why do I do that to myself where I just sit there doing nothing, know I’m doing nothing and keep sitting there…it’s probably just laziness…

I have tablets for a reason right? I can pull one out and start sketching at least. And if she falls asleep completely I need to take myself upstairs so I can sit in my ‘art studio aka the computer room’ and draw or read comics or watch my shows etc…just not sitting lazily there….

On a positive note, she bought me a new watch, a bright orange one that I like. It’s for my Birthday and Valentines Day. My gift to her for Valentines Day will be paying half for a meat smoker at the sports store. Should be good and we could have smoked meat or give some for Christmas etc to family.

Last night on the way home I stopped at an Asian market that’s in the hood and picked up a few things. Of course had a custard filled bun on the way home. So good. 😊

Also picked up my comics, or rather comics for me!

That’s about all for now I think…



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