Weekend Summary – Not A Bad One For Me

I  know I’m going blog-crazy with this new blog but that’s okay.  I’m sure I won’t write as much as I have so far going forward.

I wanted this weekend to be productive at least with myself where I’m not just sitting around and watching boring TV all weeeknd.  Now to be fair during the week last week I was doing just that and I got fed up with myself.  Moving forward to this past weekend I ended up doing things, many things and enjoying the days away from work.

I made some food, I did some video game playing, some YouTube watching, some drawing, some personal things like getting my haircut and having a few out of the house coffee runs.  It was GOOD!

May this be the pattern going forward too instead of being pulled in by others to sit and watch boring TV all day (or sleep all day, take your pick). IT just feels like I’m just waiting to die if I just sit around.  Dramatic?  Sure but maybe it’s my feeling that I need to be creative somehow that’s driving me away from just wasting time just because.




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