It’s Choice, It’s Not Bad Luck

Some folks go through life thinking “aww shucks it’s just my bad luck…AGAIN! I can’t seem to get a break!”.  Now to those that have things happen that are out of their control and seem to railroad their lives off a cliff, I’m truly understanding, REALLY!  Those who like to use ‘bad luck’ as their excuse to not change a thing however are the ones that are truly annoying to me.  “If only THIS didn’t happen I would be…” and other statements like that are seemingly only said once the next ‘crisis’ happens that ‘stops’ them from doing something they had no plans of ever doing in the first place.

If it’s the gym, if it’s a change in scenery or no matter what it is, if it’s being used as a reason to stay the exact same and not have to change? Wake up and realize that you’re just making excuses.

It’s choice.


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