Evening of Party

Last night was the night of a party that I attended.

It was nice to see some folks and talk to them as I would any ordinary day at work.  That was a nice part.

The part and reason that I don’t enjoy these events as much as I probably should, is simply due to the work life balance bit of it all.

Perhaps I’m also a bit more demanding of the ‘MY TIME’ bit of it too being with a partner, and trying to carve out my interests in times where things need taking care of as well.  I go to work regularly and am doing my best work for them each and every day no matter if things are said to me that I know are simply ‘motivating’ tactics, I do really try hard and figure that since I DO try hard at work that at home, or away from work, after 5pm, time is for my life and not to be taken up by more work events.

It’s tough to articulate that to them when they’re seeing it as offensive for not wanting to take an evening out of your life away from work to virtually be with the people you’re with 9 hours every day as it is (besides weekends) so I just toughed it out as best as I can but do have a splitting headache for being out so late and not sleeping too well.  I got home around 12:30am and hit the shower and went straight off to bed.  Today I’m still full of headaches and tired right out.

Did I enjoy myself? I enjoyed the people that I usually enjoy at work plus got to meet a few unknown faces so that was not a bad thing. I had a free meal, hell people sometimes don’t get to eat some days…and I ended up winning a $100 gift card to a local mall…so I AM blessed but yeah…since it’s a mandatory thing, I will be showing up each season for it sure. I will do my best to have fun and enjoy things.

The last part of this is the question of will I force my significant other to attend?  The answer is a resounding no.  Why?  As I stated earlier too, it’s a work life balance right?  This is part of my life balance away from work and if it causes too much trouble to ‘force’ someone to go that doesn’t want to, I’m not going to make my life more difficult at home just to please others.  After all, it is I that works for the said place and not my significant other.  She has her own workplace fun to deal with on a daily / yearly basis.

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