Twenty Seventeen

This year seems to be turning out like last year was though without the surprises. For those of you that know me I’ll say it has to do with b to the ooze. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I’m currently upstairs at my computer, my headaches from the day are finally gone and I am thinking about taking our pup for a car ride to get me some coffee for my Saturday evening. I’m feeling good and unlike last year I think I’m able to move forward and find that I’m a lot less filled with concern and more thinking what can I do with this gift of time.

I am looking forward to February and getting back to my drawing.

I did a bunch of video editing tonight with one trip video and I think all that’s left to do is MAYBE record some voice over and toss in some royalty free music and then it should be ready for production. I keep trying to tell myself, "Finished Not Perfect" *thank you Jake Parker* with the video editing (as I have to try to do with drawing too.

I had thought that I need to buy a snowball mic or something for the voice over but think hey, why bother. I can use my ‘headphone mic’ on my smartphone and it should be good enough. I’m not going for any type of award lol….just getting video done is good.

Time for fresh air.


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