Sunday Night…

So I’m sitting at the kitchen island waiting for my latest YouTube trip video to upload. It’s taken a few hours as it’s 2.6 GB of video….!

I had a pretty good day though.  Between the coffee and the editing video plus watching others video’s and cleaning the kitchen in between while laundry goes, it turuned out to be pretty good.

Earlier I ran out to stock up on some supplies for around the house.  Not a lot else really occupied my time today and it was a nice relaxing time.

I found myself supporting another channel that I watch online through Patreon so that’s a nice thing.  The video’s they produce are great so think hey I’m enjoying them so I should fire $3 a month their way. Why not it’s a small price for support right?

Oooh 98% uploaded! The one thing I would have liked to do better for the video is do some voice overs which I figured out the mic on my headphones would work fabulously though never bothered for the video I edited today but WILL in the future.

I’m not sure how this week will go at work as it’s just edging closer and closer to a big deadline of mine which is always a stressful event trying to wrap up what I’m doing, figure out how to get things not quite done into the set so everything is as covered as I can make it AND avoid working any free overtime to do so.  All I can do is grab a coffee on the way in, get in and get to work really.

Also liking going in slightly earlier with my significant other going into her work an hour early. It has given me a bit of me time with the puppy in the morning as well as allows me to get to work 10 to 15 mins earlier than I was prior to our work time change.  It’s nice not feeling rushed anymore and the pup at least waits about an hour (maybe 50 mins) less per day so that’s a good thing.

I forgot NOW the video has to go through processing…lol…doesn’t look like it’ll be up tonight…though never know..when its’ ready though I will embed it in a new blog entry so stay tuned!




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