Video Editing…

Man oh man. I now have a healthy respect for those that are full time vloggers or those that create video training and all others that have video editing as part of either their job or their interests.  It is a lot more time consuming than an outsider (or a snob) would think!!!

It’s exciting to do though and am learning more about the process at least in my program that I’m using (Power Director) so that’s a good thing. Just trying to get trip videos made so all the video I shot on the trip wasn’t for naught.

At the moment I have laundry going and am sipping a morning coffee. It’s nice.


2 thoughts on “Video Editing…”

  1. My friend Adam does a daily blog! You should check him out, he’s on the youtube as vlogginlife some of the videos are boring but some are cool, you might get some tips on stuff or like how he makes things! who knows!

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