Wednesday Blog – Just Random Topics

I’m sitting here finishing up my morning coffee after eating my cereal and watching some YouTube that I’ve let go for a while.

It’s nice.

Last night wasn’t very eventful. I sat around and watched too much TV and really didn’t get a lot done though did go out to gas up the car, grab a coffee (and share a donut with the buddy in the car) and then back home to watch more TV.

Chats about work are always interesting.  Had a good chat (as I usually do) about the field last night after work so that was nice to hear someone else’s view on things and that I’m not that far off base with my random crazy thoughts. (Never know right?!)

I do like that I can get into work early these days with the extra time given since the wife leaves for work earlier to arrive home earlier too. It gives me a chance to start work or get settled TO start things and be a bit more on time than before, it feels good, not for the workplace but for my own work ethic.

I think that’s it! Another video or two and I’ll put the pup away in his area and then off to work I go!


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