Thursday Morning Blog Entry

Another morning at home before leaving to work. 🙂

I’m enjoying these ‘ME’ times at home.  It’s so nice!  I can hang out with my buddy here, listen to music loudly, watch some TV (in my case, YouTube or NHK World online) and generally have a nice relaxing breakfast and coffee.

Last night the wife went to bed super early and I stayed up.  I was at the computer desk upstairs and with a new HDMI cable (something to HDMI anyway) I could run it from my Surface Pro 3 into my larger monitor and do video editing there.  I did a bit of that and then thought “HEY! I wonder if I can use this like a Wacom tablet..or rather a Wacom Cintiq…

A Wacom Cintiq are the Cadillac of drawing tablets. They are the most developed and nicest feeling tablets to work on and the companion series or now the studio series as they’re calling them, are touted as the ‘on the go full fledged windows computer’ and a drawing tablet you can plug into your computer to use at home too. Well my Surface Pro was about a grand cheaper than the Wacom tablets but never realized there was this connection I could do until I looked up what the cable was for.   To my surprise it WORKS! I didn’t notice any lag in the placement of lines or anything!

What does this mean for me? Well once I’m out of “THIS” hell deadline at work, I can hook up my tablet at lunchtime and draw using IT at work during this time and also any of the ‘old’ free time (ME time) that I had before, I could use it there or at home even on the bigger monitors. Anyway just excited about the fact that it worked.

Last night too I found myself chatting with a friend online that I haven’t been able to for a long while, mostly due to living with the wife and just trying to fit anything and everything else in around home life.  It was nice! It wasn’t a long chat but was super nice to do and it felt like old times! Hope she’s feeling better!

Today will be a scramble at work as it has been for a while but I’ll get through it.


Not sure what else…think that’s it for now!

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