Today won’t be fun.  Today may or may not prove challenging at work where a looming deadline for Tuesday will be reiterated more so before the last weekend before the deadline….

This means that people will want 2 weeks of work compressed into 3 days worth of time and at least if you’re the one doing the work you KNOW that it’s not possible….when you’re the one demanding the work, well I guess you’re used to getting things or tossing your weight around or something…

So I’ll do what I have tried to employ lately (not the best but yeah) in my everyday life where it’s Finished, Not Perfect.  Perfection at the job never got anyone anywhere as it is.  When there is a good job done most times you’ll hear criticism anyway unless it’s to someone outside of the workplace in which case you just may hear a bit that your drawings were not complete and utter shit.  I take that as a win. :).

So as usual, I’ll go in, I’ll do my best and after the 18 years of doing this for a living, I can’t be complete shit right?

On to Friday!


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