Saturday – Finding Things To Do Part Two

It’s been a good day so far. We rented the movie What About Bob?, was good to see again after many years. 🙂

It’s interesting too how I’m hearing how we should go out and do stuff…how we need to ‘find’ stuff to do…but the thing is if you aren’t able to figure out something you want to do without an outside thing to do…presented in front of you, you’re not going to find something to do.

I’d have plenty of things I want to do…but she doesn’t like to do those things…so then it’s left to her which then in her frustration tells me that we never do much…

If it were my choices I’d do the following things:

-go browse bookstores
-go for coffees
-go out for lunch
-go to art galleries
-work out perhaps at a gym or take some sort of classes together

I’m sure the only ‘acceptable’ thing is to go out for lunch…and then well she hates everyone as she’s said…so that leaves your current lifestyle….lying around the house waiting as the world goes passing by then complaining about not doing much…

What do other people do? They go out with friends or coworkers, they go out to events together, possibly join a gym, possibly go for drives and have a coffee or dessert out, go for walks together (not just around the neighborhood) etc.

For someone that won’t let me do things or doesn’t want to do anything ever but rant and rave, its’ surprising to hear that she wants to do things though not surprising that she’s finding nothing thus far….what does that say hey?


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