She Wants To Do More Things

Last night turned out to be odd and intresting in some ways.

Discussions came up about how the wife wants to do more things. Wants to go out and see plays, or to more movies or out more. This was a surprise to me as in my view it’s never been ME that’s held this back.

Especially in this past year where things got out of hand (those of you that know me know what I’m talking about) and her biggest interest was to NOT do anything but fall asleep at 3pm on weekends and 7pm on week nights some nights.

Nothing would be more welcome in my life than us actually going out and DOING things rather than sitting at home and hearing complaints about a person’s work or the public or anything in negative land that has been the ongoing pattern for what seems like a millennia here…

Now because I like predicting the future (and no by predicting this it isn’t LEADING things this way) I can see things going one of two ways. The first way will be yes, we’ll go out to things, to see events, to go to theatres, plays, movies, out for things like normal couples seem to do and it’ll get her out of her slump (and me by association) OR the second way which will be I’ll plan things, she’ll not feel like it, and the idea of HERS will die real fast as what she currently is into (complaining and sleeping) is way easier.

Let this new experiment in 2017 begin.


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