Monday Before Big Deadline

Sitting here in my tiny bit of me time before I head into work here.

This week I will have to make a concentrated effort to start drawing things again.  Whether it’s work or the wife at home that call for attention, it all tends to call away from me being able to be creative and literally JUST calls for me doing things for everyone else at the sacrifice of my own things and interests.

Overly dramatic? I don’t think so..

At work, they pay me to do my work and I absolutely continue to do so and it makes sense from both an employer and employee point of view.  During lunches I do have an extra hour of time I can devote to things in my life, or rather creative things that I want to work on.

At home it tends to fall into the same bad pattern of get home, listen about work days and coworkers and then hope that it doesn’t turn into 4 hours of ranting about the subject which then brings us to bedtime in which case the day is over and I’ve got nothing to show for it except feeling a combination of drained from work, and a continued emotional drain after listening about these people that the wife just can’t deal with (no one in particular just everyone) not to mention the feeling that I’ve went another day, another week, another month without being able to do anything creative.

Sure there are weekends but there are chores to be done around the home as well as more attention and more talk about the people above that puts a damper and a fog on any kind of good mood or constructive or creative thought.  I need to figure my way to shove my creativity back into my life once more.  I can’t take classes, I can’t do much at home as the environment of being talked at angrily for 4 hours a night doesn’t help me think of creative dynamic characters to draw pictures of (aside from hot girls with big assets and a smile on their faces).  I need to figure out what I CAN do and this may involve taking time off here and time off there half a day here, a full day there in order to have these creative breaks.


I guess this isn’t the most positive way to start off the week but I want to get moving on this as January is finally at an end, the deadline is tomorrow and I shall have some more free time back to be the creative me I’ve always wanted to be.


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