Restoring the Restorative Niche

170130-lunchtime-nicheI did something odd at lunch today.  I went out to the coffee shop after choke-ing down my food and wanted to draw.  I wanted to sketch.  I wanted to put on my Smudgeguard glove, turn on my Surface Pro 3 (which by the way is disgracefully dirty….which I will remedy with some glasses cleaner and cloth) and draw…


I had my usual horrible way of drawing. I sit there wondering what to draw….what to draw. What to…shoot I’m running out of time…so instead of drawing people I saw, I drew myself, if I was I suppose drawn from the barista side of the counter at my table with my beverage….I had my music going in my headphones, and I scribbled crazily things down.

It’s not the best drawing but what I DO like about it is that it was quickly tossed down, no thought and BARELY touched my ‘eraser’ and the perspective turned out okay.

I have to do more of these to restore my sanity due to stressors in my life.

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