D Day for My Project

Today is Deadline Day. D Day.

I welcomed it with stopping at a Tim Horton’s and buying a mocha for my sanity. I’m sure today will be a full on s#!+ show.

I will be sketching at lunch though. I think I’ll draw a scraggly bearded guy I saw while driving into the office this morning who was bucking the snow that was blowing at him. Gotta keep up these niches!

Last evening wasn’t too bad. A quiet one, watching some of MY videos on my phone while she watched her videos on the TV and frankly I wasn’t feeling the best from eating like garbage the day before so it was okay with me.

I came home to a dishes mess. I did some well half of the dishes yesterday morning with the extra time I had from the wife going into work early. I will not be making that same error in judgement. I arrived home not only to nothing more being done but pots and pans and bowls with chunks of food from what she ate, still left in them on the counter to solidify. I quietly did a bit of cleaning up while the anger I felt between my eyes gradually burnt off into a dull headache. Most defenders would say "you have to tell her"…a feat which I will not do. I will not tell an adult to be an adult. I will let you sit there and I will judge you from your actions. Is it healthy for a relationship? Probably not but oh well.

Anyway, the mocha is super tasty. 🙂


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