Thursday ME Time

Sitting in the computer room / drawing room at 5:30am.  She had to go into work early so that’s why I’m up. I figure I may as well get some ‘me’ time in while I can.  Reading comic books, catching up on shows I watch and so on. Still need to catch up on the doctor…

I’m hoping today I won’t be so distant at work like I was yesterday.  I just felt out of it.

Like I couldn’t function correctly, thinking it was due to the worry I carry for her and for us too.  Nothing going on but hoping to see an improvement from the low point experienced 2 days ago.  My best buddy has a saying of something like if you think people can’t get any lower, they find a shovel, and I hope that’s not true or hope that maybe something has sunk in that maybe behaving a certain way isn’t a good thing and isn’t something she wants to repeat but we’ll see.

So far reading my Wayward comic and onto my Star Trek Waypoint comics I picked up at the comic store yesterday.  It was nice to go there at lunch. Always nice.  I saw one dude like basically picking up and buying any and all new issues almost…and thought holy cow…is there even that many that are any good?

Thursday eh? Hope my buddy has a good gym time this morning.

*sips coffee*

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