Saturday, Critters, Resident Evil Movie etc.

So far today’s been not too bad.  Last night was good too.  We finished watching The Blues Brothers and it was as good as I remember it especially with the car chase scene lol…

I’m upstairs doing up the budget before we clean critter cages (finally) and then go out later in the day to see Resident Evil in theaters and then go to a Japanese style pub (Izakaya) to see what it’s about here.

Man yesterday was one of those days where when I was out all I saw was women (old to young) being emotionally angry pissy and crazy just with super bitchy looks on their faces…and no I’m not letting you get away with the ‘bitch face’ designation. It’s the I’m thinking of ways to waste someone elses time selfishly and seething about everyone but myself so have this face on…then there was all the guys (old to young) happy, laughing, talking with other people, holding doors open for each other and so on…I tell ya, one of these days I’ll take video when I’m out and com posit the women beside the men and you will SEE first hand the faces and looks and moods of these two sexes…

Guess I’ll get doing the budget now…have a good day!


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