Today is Sunday. “Day of Rest”….for some.

Last night we went out to a Japanese bar after the movie and it was a pretty good place though we had to sit up at the bar as it was full instead of at table seating.  I didn’t mind it though except the price tag at the end.  I guess that’s what dates cost sure whatever.  I’m doing okay this month for budget at least.  It was nice to see the wife in good spirits too as most of the time these days it is quite rare.

Today I woke up early and went out to grab a coffee and do some errands.  I wrote a $700 cheque and sent it in for RRSP’s for this month.  It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to do that so am happy I could this month.  I hope to make it a regular target as well but we’ll see with the upcoming costs of outfitting our deck with both furniture and a gazebo type thing.  Yep, it will be going ahead, not a big surprise since that’s the trend and well I can’t really blame anyone but myself plus hey we built the deck for a reason I guess so we’ll see how it goes.  Life is definitely not an easy path by any means.

I did the running around with my buddy with me in the car (he loves his car rides) and got back home to enjoy my large coffee and a bagel while typical topics of discussion were raised.

After that I did some shoveling and started laundry, then went out to pick up soup for her and on the way picked up another comic box for my slowly but growing (again) comic collection.  I keep thinking maybe I shouldn’t waste my money on such things but then think okay as long as I can put money away, pay debts, and continue putting in a 40 hour week, why not buy something I enjoy.  I’m not buying TONS of comics but maybe 5-6 a month total.  I could be buying worse things to bring me some joy I guess. So this is good. I currently have my comics stored under my computer desk which as it is, is a deep desk so since I have my keyboard tray I installed, I can use that space under the desk for such things.  Very space conscious of me :D.

I wanted to come upstairs here to get a few things done and maybe GASP do some drawing though am sure that probably won’t happen. At least it’s not listening to the same topics that I’ve heard 10 million times…

That brings me to my comic topic.  I really do want to draw a comic.  A comic I can call my own that I can work on in little stints.  I think it could work if I could come up with an idea that I would enjoy drawing.  You’d think I’d enjoy drawing in general, but for some reason it has to be something I’d want to be invested in, want to dedicate free time to, want to look forward to doing.  I’m hopeful that this year will be that time. I have to run through what I like in comics and cartoons and figure out what kind of story I want to tell.

I like slice of life types of stories, though do like futuristic stories too.  I like women characters that are down to earth and normal that any guy would get along with without putting up the shields if you know what I mean.  I like stories where the good guys come out on top and stories where friendships are strong.  What I can’t really take is something that is satire or ‘making fun’ of ‘life situations’ or women or relationships as it just means spending more time thinking in the negative realm of it when relationships are difficult and work enough as it is.

So we’ll see what comes of it.

I think that’s all I got for now. Hope everyone’s weekend is going okay!


2 thoughts on “”

    1. So far so good. It hasn’t been bad. Has had it’s share of shall we say ‘moments’ but has been better than most and I’ll take that as a win! Feel better!!!

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