Drawing and Comic Creating – Questions for Myself..

So in the process of trying to nail down what I like or what I may like to draw I’ve asked myself a few questions so far.

Why do I like to draw?

  • I like the power to be able to create anything by drawing it. It’s virtually a budget free media where you can be the soul creator of an entire comic book and that’s always appealed to me.
  • I also like to draw as it makes me feel like I can do something creatively and expell some creative juices.
  • I find it fun to be able to jump into a private thing and just enjoy the time.
  • I always enjoyed that it was something “I” could do that not all people can do. That appealed to me when I was younger and people would go “that’s awesome! I wish I could draw!”

What do I like to read? Story-wise that is?

  • Science Fiction that is positive or neat or crazy
  • Slice of life stories, stories about people just getting by in life
  • Positive stories. Not a fan of the negative OH NO DREAD DREAD DREAD story types..
  • Stories with team work and good friendships
  • People that live abnormal lives against social “norms”
  • Love stories with people so close to falling in love, like at the point of meeting after meeting and each person thinking WOW who is this person…and that basically extending and not just going WELL LET’S DATE AND MARRY AND LIVE AND DIE…

What kinds of characters do I like?

  • POSITIVE characters.  I think having my share of negative nancy’s all the time has burnt off that part of me that would find those types fascinating or interesting.  I find them just simply depressing.
  • People that TRY and expend EFFORT
  • Logical
  • Creative people
  • Teamwork

I know I’m not going to come upon a ‘formula’ for something I want to write but thinking is at least a start.

That’s about all for now.


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