Ah Friday. Who doesn’t love Fridays right???????

Today so far has been good. Had good conversations at work and so far a decent rest of the day overall.  I am all doped up from an allergy pill but the espresso or FLAT WHITE I had picked my brain up a bit and kicked it awake.

I started doing a fan art sketch of my one my only favorite comic character, Jughead Jones from Archie Comics.  You may know about all of the reboots of the mainstream Archie comics but so far the seem (in my opinion, besides Afterlife with Archie) to be duds.

I wanted to draw this for a while now but basically it’s Jughead flipping off the world. Both hands in the air and flipping off the world. 🙂

I want to do a Wonder Woman sketch too…so maybe i’ll do that once I get the FREAKING HAND correct….yes stupid hands…

I’m not sure what the plans for this weekend are but hoping to get a bit of sketching / creativity in.  So far Friday’s good for it.


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