Saturday – Fairly Typical?

So today’s been an okay day. Slept in a bit, went out for a few errands, did  a bit of vlogging. Random video making. Sure why not hey?

Replaced the outside sensor light after only 4 months or so. It crapped out. I bought a cheaper version of it as the one I got was ‘fancier’ and the ‘fancy’ functions probably is what shit out so lesson learned.

I was puzzled as to how to change it without knowing what breaker was the right one to shut off and of course me not wanting to be electrocuted and with no way to test out which breaker it was, I thought hey i’ll shut off all the fuses AND the entire panel. Did that and it worked good. All back on and things work now so that’s a good thing.

She’s asleep on the sofa. I’m coming upstairs to do drawing. I ate earlier so should be a decent amount of drawing time? After all it’s only 5:40pm here. I SHOULD have a good couple hours at least (hopefully more than that).

I will quickly edit the video I made and post it and share it.



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