Just a Regular Day – Thoughts on Drawing

The past few days have been alright with me.

The last while, I’ve been thinking about how or what I want to do as far as drawing / sketching. My Jughead piece was fun, half due to it being my favorite character, and half of it just knowing what I wanted to draw and just proceeding to draw it. I drew it digitally, printed out the roughs and used my light table at home to do finished ‘inks’ on it and then outlined it with a fatter marker. The process of it was fun. EVEN the inking part. That surprised me.

Been trying to rack my brain to think of things to draw if I were to do a comic of my own with original characters of my own but really couldn’t think of anything of substance to carry on a story…I know people may not think I’m trying or that I’m being stubborn but it’s just a blank slate when I try to think of it. Everyone else is creative but then doesn’t draw and I just can’t do ‘their’ ideas as it doesn’t feel personal to me. Doesn’t make me want to go into that art ‘trance’ which is fun. The art trance meaning you’ll draw and then look up and see OH GEEZ 4 hours have passed or an hour or some period of time which surprises you.

Tangent time…

I think part of my reasoning for wanting my drawing time to be for me and feel special and to feel invested in it is that in my work-life, although I do strive to do the best job I can and try to cover off every minute little detail, I’m not invested in it to make me feel fulfilled at all. It’s not for that in my brain. It’s so that I can afford to live, afford to pay for the coffee’s I drink and the sketchbooks I buy and the toys from Japan I order…it’s not to have pride in or to feel like wow I do something special. That doesn’t mean (all you bosses out there) that I’m not doing quality work…one doesn’t have to have no life, and live, sleep and breathe their profession to be good in it…

Back to what I was talking about….so I figure I had fun drawing Jughead, I had fun drawing Harley Quinn, I had fun drawing the Futurama characters I drew before and any other (almost) fan art type piece. I enjoyed drawing girls, random out of my imagination, girls. I want to try to draw some streetscapes from my last trip so that could be fun too. So what I’m figuring out is the obvious…why don’t I just draw these things?! Do I have to come up with a comic book to be part of the comic book arty club? No! Do I need that to post little videos of sketching or drawing or vloggy type videos of my process? No!

So with that being said, I will be drawing or sketching a Wonder Woman drawing since the movie’s coming out (or is out) and though the actress playing it looks freaking awesome I’d add a bit more beef so she looks actually strong not ‘She-Ra’ strong with pipe thin arms but that can throw a plane.. The regular comic artists that do the work draw her stronger looking too.

I think this will be a good direction for my art and allow me to not be so damn frustrated while spinning wheels feeling like a failure as an artist for not being able to think up a comic I want to draw. Some artist do nothing BUT fan art pin ups and though other artists that can do more may think that’s the easy cheap way out (especially if it’s making them cash) which they may or may not be right but I’m not (nor will I ever) making money on art so I see it as okay.


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