Early Morning – Starting Wonder Woman

A lot of times, I enter these blog posts via email. I find it easier for whatever reason.

She went to work early early so instead of going back to sleep, which I probably wouldn’t have been able to anyway, I stayed awake, caught up on some YouTube and started on my fan art piece.

It’s been a pretty decent early part of the day. I think I’ll have some toast here and then on the way in, spend the buck 90 and get a large coffee. Part of my work day that I enjoy are the drives in and from work. I need to get back to my podcast listening in the car as it was immensely more entertaining than the stupid morning shows.

Tonight I’m sure will be a slow one as she will have had such a long day. She goes in early and will be staying late so it’s a long day and will be for all of us as I have a deadline today for two projects so that should be ‘fun’…

Oh well, onward and upward.


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