A Nice Saturday – Weather, Auto Maintenance and Other Stuff

It’s such a nice day out today.  I’ve been drinking a couple of cups of coffee and watching a show on my phone on NHK World and thinking about doing some vehicle maintenance on the truck today.

I will be changing the oil and then jacking up the truck to check the brakes as they’ve been squeaking a bit now but haven’t been able to get the tire off…I should be able to with the sledgehammer…hopefully. 🙂

Means a trip to Canadian Tire to pick up up some oil and such. Really need to sort my tools out a bit too at some point but not today.

The week at work in reflection:

This week seemed to be a week of people taking their angry pills.  People were swearing, jumping down each others throats and so on.  It felt at times like I was the outsider just plugging away and not being affected by the swath of anger and irritation.  Glad I wasn’t involved at least as it makes for a tense time at the place one spends the most time out of their day in. Hopefully next week will feel better.

At work I’ve been using my personal stationary items, personal pens and pencils, I feel comfortable and it actually encourages me to draw more details and other things on the side. All my pens and pencils from Japan make me happy so that’s a ncie thing.

This week drawing:

I started on my fan art piece of Wonder Woman. I will proceed with it and finish it whether it’s good or not good or what not. It’s good for me to do so.  It’s good for the mileage of my drawing skills. So far it’s been fun. I may go back and forth between digital and hand drawn using my light table. So far it’s been fun. The figure’s a bit stiff but is always being refined. wonder-woman-fa1

I think that’s about it for now. Here is a in progress sketch of the fan art piece mentioned.





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