Sunday Boredom Rambles

It’s Sunday and I’m super bored…why? I shouldn’t be bored but I am.

I have had a pretty good and decent day and weekend though am just tired feeling which is frustrating to me as so often I want to ‘get up and do things’ or draw things or something…and have no time to with work, house chores, time with family and so on…and on a day where I DO have time I sit blankly yawning and ‘finishing the internet’…

I did start a couple sketches other than the Wonder Woman one but still am working on that one too, or should be…I probably should be right?

It’s so weird that I want to feel and have a creative life somehow, have the yearning for it, but never seem to. I wonder why that is? People are so weird. Maybe just me. 🙂

I think I’ll bring my enterprise model upstairs and maybe crack that open again…it cost me enough so I best damn make sure I build it right?

That and coffee…I need coffee…

Ever since a YouTube couple left you tube and social media for at least a year break, I find my YouTube video watching isn’t as much fun as it used to be. I can still watch them as their stuff is still online but yeah…need to find new people to follow….

Not much more to talk about…I do have to make a big curry for the week too. Japanese curry with pork, carrot, potato and onion and of course rice.

Guess I’ll do one of those things…lol…*dies of un-motivation


One thought on “Sunday Boredom Rambles”

  1. I’ve often thought about the fact that we have the want to do stuff, but that the desire to just want to sit and be is a powerful force. To quote American jurist Thurgood Marshall when asked why he was going to retire from being a Supreme Court Justice, he said simply, “I’m tired!”. I think that applies to the rest of us, too.

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