Today as it says above is Saturday.

So as written earlier in my word press, I had a good bit of drawing done yesterday after working my butt off. It’s nice to be able to enjoy drawing. I do have to keep telling myself that it’s for fun and that seems to help.

Today we’re going out to the IMAX to see a movie on China (Mysteries of China). It should be good. I haven’t been to an IMAX film in YEARS (I think at least pre 2005) so it should be good. Afterward we’re going to treat ourselves to McDonalds all day breakfast and I’m getting HOT CAKES!

I want to try to do some drawing today, continuing on my Wonder Woman drawing and all. I’ve started laundry so am a few loads into that and also did a Mount Olympus worth of dishes…. I want to also give my brother a call today and see how things are with him as it’s been a while.

Not a lot else to report right now but so far not a bad Saturday at all.


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