The Difficult Situation – I Am Not A Tight Rope Walker

Today I was met with a very generous offer from work. A ticket to the local hockey game.

Now I’m not a big sports fan and haven’t been for most of my life but I still saw this for what it was…a generous offer from work in which when they have been presented with tickets that they pick a couple people to go and represent the firm and enjoy the free night out.  It’s good for the firm, good for the employees’ morale and can’t hurt personal networking skills.  I  understand.  I used to do these things back in the day when living in Regina and working for a larger firm and more times than not, they were good times even if I wasn’t the biggest sports fan.  Usually it was box seats with a couple people you know and a few you don’t but then get to over the course of a few hours.  It was nice!

Fast forward from the pragmatic single me from before, and the sure I’ll take time from my week to go do this and eat free food and I find myself having to discuss with my significant other.  It’s not surprising but it’s something I’m still getting used to and trying to get a sense of justified reasoning for wanting me to not attend these work events and rather be at home with them to spend time with family and home or family and events.  I’m coming up on FOUR years in marriage already come this July.  There is one thing I will echo from all sources out there on the subject, marriage is good but it definitely isn’t light on the work load if you know what I mean as life isn’t either.  That being said I DO and AM enjoying my life the way it’s turned out but always have to keep on my toes.  Anyway where was I….

….I get the strong sense of family people (the wife) have I really do.  I also get the strong sense of professionalism that my workplace wants to convey in this gracious gift.

The part that is the tough one is trying to walk the tight rope between the two.  I don’t like when life gets difficult (gets? It always is isn’t it?) and all it does is give me stress, an elevated heart beat and the high emotions of ‘should I be annoyed at work? at my family? at life?’.  Nobody? Myself?

What’s selfish and what’s just love right?  I’m an easy going person and always have been for the most part and so I’d like to think that if she had a work event that I’d say ‘sure why not’ and wish her well and on her way.  From one side I get guilt telling me I should not go and spend more time away from home when I have family to hang out around, the other side I get the pressure of the typical friendly guy talk from managers to the note of ‘put that woman in her place come on *nudge*’ and again, I GET both sides I really do…I just don’t ever like being caught in the middle.

I discussed with work and they seemed very gracious in their disappointment by me talking about how my significant other has a serious work obligation that she needs to go through during this time and could use the support provided by me being there and not being at some ‘work event’.  I’m happy about this though they’ve given me until Monday to ‘try to convince’ and still go.

I’ll discuss things but if all it does is cause me turmoil for the entirety of my birthday weekend I won’t be as motivated to do so. I’m not a fan of being torn between two things.

… can I not just eat a donut, drink a coffee and enjoy the fresh air outside?


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