Pretty Good Little Weekend

Just won a free coffee from a Timmies cup! Annual promotion called Roll Up The Rim. Woot!

Just got back from eating at Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken for my birthday lunch. It was super delicious as I remember it being all those years ago in Jersey. 🙂

Went to the local Collector Con too in town here and got myself (wife bought thank you wife!) a Flintstones Hot Wheel to put in my display case of awesome toys. She also bought me ginger cookies too. 🙂 A good day.

Yesterday we had a VERY relaxing weekend day.  Outside it was snowing like mad so we spent the day watching movies. I had found some old sci-fi ones. One was called Enemy Mine, one was called Battle Beyond the Stars, then we rented Doctor Strange on Google Play and enjoyed that one, watched Tank Girl an d to top off the day of movies, we watched To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar so needless to say it was a day of movies.  It was nice as she only had seen one before and I only seen one too so it was mostly new for both of us.  I went out a couple times here and there, once to grab a coffee (that i won another one from!) and McDonald’s for some snacks so that was nice.

Hope this week goes okay and doesn’t start off too badly with more work pressure to do an after work event that I will not be doing.



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