Just Ramblin’ Cuz’ I Wanna


Today’s been a whirlwind of work let me tell you. I’m helping all sorts on all odd smaller bits of projects so was pulled all over the place today. It’s been a good day don’t get me wrong but it’s now 3:46pm and I’ve finally taken the time to make a tea. I DID have coffee earlier in the day though so it’s not like I’m a martyr or anything…

It’s been a bit odd at home too as for instance last night we did some cardio in the basement. She did her DDR and I did my treadmill walking. It was nice but showed me how out of shape I was as I was panting while going 3.4…eek.

Tonight I know we’re doing a bit of cleaning at home, as she said, as a TEAM which is nice. We’ll do a bit of grocery buying too. Nothing too exciting but that’s a good thing after the insane busy of the day.

I want to get back on doing my fan art drawing so may see what I can squeeze in tonight, even if it’s 30 mins it’s STILL 30 mins.

I’m excited for tomorrow to have perhaps more extended time on the drawing. As long as no one tells me to go to another hockey game…

I noticed something last time while working on the fan art and that is in the software I use, I have artist tools and I’ve forgotten these exist…like French curves and perspective tools. Must think of it like the tool instead of my ability to draw.

Not much else to say…brain is wiped…now to see what other bloggers have written in case I missed it.



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