A Disturbance in the Force…

It’s amazing how many people in management positions are so totally self absorbed and caught up in their own worlds and use that mentality to roll on over anyone that works for them or is part of their so called team (its’ called a team when talking to others, when talking TO the team it’s raw and unfiltered bullying that more often than not takes place).

Arriving in an office, a manager discussed with one pee-on that someone dared to say that their firm with the lack of employees but the bare minimum, would be able to take on the size and scope of a project that they were awarded earlier and were currently in the process of doing.

This manager was in a rage, like someone insulted her first born (if she cared that much about THEM to begin with) and had to ‘take on this challange’ spoken to her from someone that doesn’t really matter in the whole scheme of things.  What did this mean for the workers?  It meant a meeting where they were told in no certain terms that they NEED to get such and such out not only fast but impossibly fast.  People wondered where this strong-arming came from and what brought this into such an impossible deadline.  What was said was how people need to work together, work overtime with no pay and work work work even if it were to be overnight in order to get this project done ‘as they were being yelled at’ and so the managers hands were tied.  The tone was super serious. There would be NO exceptions made for the impossible stress and load she’d load on her workers.

What if everyone knew that the reason behind this was as stated above, was due to some personal vendetta, something she had to PROVE to others, those naysayers… of course they’d want to walk out right then and there.  Too bad people need jobs to pay bills hey?






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