My dad said something to me that’s resonating with me as I continue to go through my life, my married life. It was that no matter how good a day is, there is always something waiting for you. Some issue, some problem, something. Something to deal with every single day.

I am in a good relationship as long as I can work on things and work through things and last night was yet another encounter with the person that would be the person that has something I have to deal with every single day.

Without getting into any details here, I will just acknowledge that life IS difficult for sure and that my dad was right.  It’s how you can get through things that counts too, not the lack of problems or smooth sailing.

Today is a day where I’m cleaning the house solo, shoveling the walk solo, and doing other things solo or else I’d be on the sofa being the only one awake after the other person didn’t sleep all night due to getting overly emotional about some topic.  I will also attempt a bit of activity, exercise if you will and also attempt to fit in my drawing today somehow.  We did plan on going to a wrestling event but soon as I saw it’s on a reserve I reassessed that thought coming from where we’ve come.

Guess that’s all for now. To the shovel chum!


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