I am Winner! (For now…)

I feel like I won today. Let me explain.

Last night, we both bought some ‘wobbly pop’ drinks as per usual on the weekends of late. The difference is that I stayed up once she said that I could go to bed if I wanted to (which would leave her up to drink and then come up after too much booze and be either sad or mad or both and I’ve had enough of that the past few weeks for my liking.  So I stayed up. I had my wine and enjoyed the night.

We went to bed and she was good. We slept in and today we went out to a sportsmen show. It was nice to get out and about. I remember going to those types of shows with my parents when I was young.  Just nice to get out you know?

Rest of our evening I think will be spent doing a bit of taxes, watching some shows, cleaning the critters and other parts of the house and then probably some tablet drawing. I’m ripping cd’s that I bought her of a concert from one of her favorite video games that I bought from Japan lately.

May the weekend continue to be a.o.k. 🙂



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