My Friday AFTerall

So it has been a different one but not too bad.

I left work with people raising their voices at one another and seemingly in a war. I left, I got the heck out…got in the car, drove half a block and pulled over, popped the seat back and slept for almost an hour…

After that, I headed to the comic store where there was nothing there I wanted. It was probably the fastest time I’ve ever been in and out in there. Oh well. Can’t be a winning comic book week every week right?

After that I headed back to the work neighbourhood to stop at the coffee shop and do some more drawing which I’ve done…I’ve drained the Surface which is what I’m typing on right now. It’s on the battery saver function. Oh well. It’s been an alright time this afternoon drawing wise. I’ve almost inked 100% of the slipping girl and have started flatting (flat colors) so it’s been soothing especially with the headphones a blasting odd music.

Interesting bit today too. At the same coffee shop, a girl had a giant sketchbook open, looking like she was drawing tattoo type things or big snakey things… so it was interesting that for once there was someone else doing artsty type things where I was. Like myself she had her headphones in.

I think once I pack up here I may run over to an Asian market to wander and see the sights and grab a treat of some sort to end off my afternoon. I’m sure tonight will be a ranty ranty angry (did I already say ranty) night so need to junk food myself silly so I can stand it. 😊 That’s my theory anyway lol…been a helluva week too so I am fine with it…all of it….especially the junk lol.

Alright…time to skedaddle.

Enjoy the weekend kiddies!


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