Using What Extra Time….

So today the wife had to go into work early so I took the opportunity to watch some of my shows while eating and enjoying a coffee (or a double dose of it), then brought up the tablet to continue working on my art. (That sounds odd to call it art lol…)

It’s been a great morning.  Last night wasn’t the best night and there were some rough spots to do with someone else’s workplace so it was a nice reset for myself to be able to just work on things for me, while watching folks work on stuff for themselves too.

I think I’ll head in and maybe grab yet another coffee.  I figure why not. 🙂

My phone updated this morning to Nougat so it looks a bit different so will have to explore that later on.

Tomorrow is another ‘early’ morning too so that’ll be nice. More time on my art (before and after) work tomorrow.  I’ll chalk up this week to a good week for my art.

Guess I should change into work clothes from the PJ’s lol…


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