I’m sitting in the coffee shop and have a large caloriffic brownie and a cold iced coconut mocha macchiato, tablet is pretty much charged up, headphones charging with my GIANT battery I bought for the Japan trip. Everything is alright ‘so far’.

Work today was an okay day until more bus throwing started in again and will continue next week. Sigh. Nice to know why they call certain folk ‘Dinosaurs’ and also ‘A-holes’.

This week has been an okay week all in all though has had it’s moments to do with a lot of yapping at home about people I don’t really care about (other people’s coworkers lives and decisions).  It was nice as I got to talk to my brother again and although it was a short call it was a nice call. I must make a point to keep in touch more too.  I have to keep telling myself to do so as the days go by, the weeks go by and before you know it it’s been 6 yes. I love my family and love talking to each and every one of them about their lives and such. It’s part of what makes my life enjoyable for sure.

I will continue to work on my art and then tonight it will be what I’m guessing is a full on ramble night about the week about other things and as it’s the weekend, it will be in intoxicated fashion.  I still have to try to get what drawing I can in during the weekend. Want to do that more too.

Upcoming events. Next Saturday I have movie tickets for an animated movie called Your Name. It’ll be good to go to and I’ve waited months for it to come to Canada. (It’s Japanese).

The week after, Easter weekend, I will be driving down to visit her folks.  I must give my own folks a shout too and see how things are going there.

Guess I’ll get coloring 😀


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