Don’t Get Anything Done? I’m Not Surprised…

So its currently 1:26pm on Sunday. She’s still asleep. She wonders why we can’t keep a tidy house, have time to exercise or go many places. She wonders why we don’t do things that often like going out places and such. She wonders and wonders.

I don’t wonder. I KNOW why. I’m up after sleepign in until 10am as I have a lot of stuff to do today I said. Part of the stuff I have to do today is to give some time to myself to enjoy my morning (which I did) which is important to me. I will do chores and car maintenance as per usual and I will get all of laundry done today too. She’ll get up and wonder why I wouldn’t stay in bed beside her while she slept in or why I will not sleep in with her. Well first is that I’m not feeling like garbage and tired from staying up by choice until 4am until she decided to go to bed. I’m mature enough to know that if I stay up TOO late, I will not only feel like trash on my weekend, my only time away from the workplace, but will feel like garbage for the first possibly few days as well and I really don’t want to BY CHOICE make myself or my life any tougher than it already is am I right?

Anyway, out to do car work. We’ll see what time she awakens from her slumber annoyed that I didn’t want to lay beside her half the day in bed wasting my life away.


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