So after the day yesterday, today I started it off right. She’s in bed still and I got up so I could enjoy coffee time with some YouTube and other videos. It’s for me right so it’s a nice thing. She can sleep all frakking day for all I care.

I have to go outside later and do some more car work, I got the first half done yesterday before light ran out so today will be an oil change and a spark plug change on the car I drive to work.

May go outside and pick some doggie stuff as well too and of course still need to do laundry and such.

Glad I’m doing something for me as it seems locally to be the only time I can get anything done for me is by me so yeah. 😊

Have a good Sunday Y’all!

UPDATE: I picked turds…lol…this is the job that someone else is supposed to do as part of our ‘deal’.  Lesson for me, never make deals with certain folks.  They’ll never keep their word, and they won’t care if they ever do.  Now I’m eating a muffin I bought yesterday at Tim Horton’s so its’ a good reward for myself for doing the doody :P.


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