Well Today Was A Day…Not Much Else

So today was the day we were to go to a movie I wanted to see and it never happened.

It fell through like the small but wise part of my brain said it would and for the reasons it said it would too, selfishness on the part of the other half (I will not say the ‘better’ half as that is ME by far).

What has happened the rest of the day since the movie didn’t happen? Well I did stuff outside on the car, she laid in here and continued to lay on the floor, sleep until she woke up then drink first tequila and beer then spiced rum and beer. She’s been doing nothing else but that. Well that and watching some TV series about the McCoy’s and Hadfield’s. Best bud wrote something up about a certain Vulcan in the previous entry and I’m right there with him on that subject.

I’m not sure if I’m angry or past angry or just meh about the whole thing. I did get a coffee this afternoon and I did go get some McDonalds bad for me food (Mmmm hotcakes breakfast at 3pm) so yes I’m doing the ‘coping’ from other peoples idiocy towards me….absolutely I am.

Well see if tomorrow is more of the same. I swear the work week is full of angry ranty anger towards any and all people she works with, then the weekend is ‘worry’ about things ‘animals, life, death, anything else’ which excuses her to drink her butt off which goes on and on and on until the angry week can come once again.

What a life hey?

Frakking idiot.

Tomorrow will be coffee time for me in the morning, then car work and some of my shows and some sketching. I’m sure she’ll try making something for food and then probably drink more too…after all the angry week starts Monday right and she just CAN’T TAKE IT….uh huh.


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