Grateful I Am, A Decent Day

I want to start with being thankful that the talk with my boss went well and I got my holidays approved against all odds of thinking it would happen.  I had a really decent conversation with him too about Natto, Fermented Soy Beans and other stuff.  Really did enjoy it so that was nice too.

I went to Starbucks on the way home for a ‘unicorn’ frappachino which was only today (I think) and man was it busy. I was about 10th in line but I also bought a croissant so ate that while waiting.

I got home and she had made supper. It was nice. Spagetti and chicken and sauce.

We started watching videos on TV and I had a bit of my wine (a glass) and she had a few beer to the point that she PTFO once again which makes me know that it wasn’t JUST beer that was had, I went to the cupboard and saw I was right.  I did some dishes so I can spend time bumming around tomorrow morning before work and then read my Red Sonja issue. Good as usual but quite a short read in comparison to Manga. I have to keep remembering these are comic issues with maybe 22 pages…

Let’s see what else…took our pup for a car ride and picked up some more things I ordered in the mail, a new coffee mug (another one!) and a T shirt from an artist I follow on YouTube so that’s cool too.

I hope the rest of the week goes okay. Some tensions at the end of the day in the office, thankfully it wasn’t with me but I wonder what the fallout will be…guess I’ll see tomorrow.

I thought I’d put keys to blog…(pen to paper) and write about my day. 🙂 Ooooh now it’s like Spaceballs…when is this…now! Right now! When is now? You JUST MISSED IT! When was it? Now, you just missed now….

*goes upstairs and rips a CD I bought online for my listening pleasure for work*


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