Weekend Update – Bad News and Other Stuff

So some horrible news came out.  My brothers girlfriend’s parents were killed in a house fire in the Philippines. This is my middle brother and I can’t help but feel extreme sympathy for his girlfriend and himself being the significant other. I can’t imagine what the next while will be but it can’t be easy.

I left my brother a text message after attempting to call that if he needs anything as this will be a super difficult time, that I’m only a call away.

Shocking I know…insanely shocking….ugh.

The rest of the weekend (here) has been okay (great in comparison to that oh geepers). Amazingly enough MY significant other has abstained from you know what so that’s a nice (and surprising) thing and the weekend so far has felt like a fairly easy going, relaxed one though I know the day is young. Always time to grab a shovel right?

This week coming up at work will definitely be absolute HELL…I will have a deadline that was impossible before with two weeks left to work on it, they had me on another job this past week all week so that means my already impossible deadline will be twice as bad so it’ll just be what can I do to ‘tidy things up’ and not maybe ‘fully complete’ the documents and move on from that..still not going to be a fun week by any stretch of the imagination though.




2 thoughts on “Weekend Update – Bad News and Other Stuff”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your brothers girlfriends family. That is a horrible way to go. I can’t even imagine what they are going thru. My condolences to them.

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