More Worry

I’m more and more worried about what will or could happen to my brother and his gf flying out there.

Zika is high, Terror is high, being a foreigner is a no no, not to mention malaria and other things and NO vacccinations as they’re travelling too soon (probably in the panic). Mom and Dad are freaking out that it’s not safe at all for them (especially for him) to go but doubt there’s anything we can say to stop him.  I’ll send him a text or two this morning once it reaches around 9 maybe 10am and see if I can at least send him precautions at least…just bad, all bad.  i hope he doesn’t see it as being bad either and purposely ignoring it because ‘we don’t want him to be happy’ the fact is we WANT him to be happy and want him to be healthy and most of all survive the freaking trip right?

Sigh. The wife just keeps telling me how it’s fine, it’s their fault, their non planning nature (basically faulting them for not being so brilliant as herself which had a lot of help though she’ll never see that) and then pairing up with me mister cautious as hell which has helped her be where she is today too…it’s not just HER own direction to success and happiness…ugh.

So no sympathy from her which doesn’t surprise me as there wouldn’t be any if anything happened to anyone else though if her own parents get a hangnail oh it’s the world’s end!!!!

Anyway. This blogging isn’t doing me much good so I’ll start making breakfast and start the routine for work.

I just texted him that there is a medical clinic in the Vancouver airport that he may be able to at least get vaccinations from and the site and phone number but we’ll see.


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