Baby Asshole Graduated!!!

You know when I stop working that something is up.

Today it seems, the people I refer to as “baby assholes” just showed themselves to grow into a “young adult” asshole.

What do you do when you’re so stressed out that you have to take a walking break outside to clear your head and possibly take deep breaths in order to not hyperventilate and or pass out? It’s called stress.

What do you call a person who’s been driving you to this point knowing that you’re invested in your work and want to do a good job but that the deadline is impossible to accomplish and then on the 2nd day before the deadline says that he was just kidding on the due date and that I have another week to do it still and he just is doing this to make sure people ‘work?’….it’s called an ASSHOLE.

That’s right folks…another week to do things…so all the scrambling and fudging I was doing in preparation for this deadline is still there and still makes the drawing set look not so great but you know what? I’m going to keep that in. I’m not going to change things I’ve already done. You know what else I’m not going to do? Work for the rest of the day. Time for a glorious hour and a half to piss around.

That’s right. Fuck yourself.

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