Let’s Start With This.

So far the day has been pretty good.

Did a slow bit of ‘low hanging fruit’ as my best bud called it up until lunchtime.  I wasn’t as motivated to go go go as I was earlier in the week as all motivation to care was blown straight out of the air lock after it was revealed to me that my deadline wasn’t the ‘real’ deadline but rather an ASSHOLE tactic to ‘make’ us work.

After I ate a pretty good, pretty healthy lunch of home made soup and a veggie salad (no lettuce but big chunks of tomato, carrot, cucumber and radishes.  Afterward I, determined during this ‘100 day’ exercise to try to be healthier. IF I can keep drawing 100 days straight, why not try to be a bit healthier in that time too.  I took a walk out near work and found myself in a nice QUIET neighbourhood.  Makes me realize how noisy our neighborhood can be though all fairness this was lunchtime so makes a bit more sense to be quieter. I walked briskly with my app on my phone for about 35 minutes and it was nice and felt nice to just take the time to look around and see new surroundings.

Now, being in an undisclosed location, I’m just doing this bit of blogging and then will follow it up with drawing and working on my project. It should be okay.


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