A Tale of A Female – Wal Mart

There I am in line at Wal Mart. I approached the line which had 2 persons’ in it, one mother and one daughter. The daughter was at least around my age, maybe a bit younger but not early 20’s or anything.

I noticed they had a lot of items on the conveyor belt and there was a cart that was left haphazardly in the aisle though I wasn’t sure it was theirs as they were up at the paying area and bagging area and paid no mind to the cart. I shook my head and shoved the cart over so people could get through (relatively speaking) and waited for my turn to load the belt.

A woman came into the aisle behind me and saw the cart and looked ahead and thought the same as me probably ‘is this anyone’s cart? No? doesn’t appear to be as no one’s paying any attention to it’ and she backed the cart out so she could bring her own into the line with her items in it.

No less than 2 minutes go by and the women in front have their stuff in bags on the bagging area and then one of them goes to the other, do you have the cart? The other woman (mom) goes ‘no?’. The daughter proceeds to look and sees that it’s out in the store area behind the woman behind me. She snarkily goes by in a huff and says EXCUSE me to the woman and adds ‘apparently SOMEHOW our cart got moved’ and pushes it by her and myself to her mother (who never raised her daughter right obviously). I looked back to the woman and we exchanged looks and while I rolled my eyes and mimic’ed the ‘child’ ahead of us she mouthed ‘SOME HOW’ at me and we both laughed and I did the ‘quote’ thing with my fingers and we both laughed.

I left Wal Mart shaking my head and just disgusted at yet ANOTHER one that behaves like a total shit and has no plans of changing.

Men are from Mars, women are from the swamp sometimes…


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